lensculture emerging talents

lensculture emerging talents 2016

You might have seen this series on my twitter the last 10 days, or when I posted it on my instagram, but I wanted to share my entry for the Lensculture Emerging Talents Award 2016 on this blog as well.
The photos were taken in the area where I live (Lower Rhine Area in Germany) and the series is called German Surfaces. Although I didn’t win any price (this time), I got a solid review and some hints and suggestions how I could expand on how I take pictures and what I chose as subject or how I do arrangements, other contests and also literature pointers.

The whole process of taking the photos and sorting them over and over until I ended up with ten photos I felt comfortable with as entry for the award was extremely enlightening. I learned a lot about how I view and assess my own photos and what is important to me and what might be my weaknesses. Continue Reading

schlaglichter geschwister

constantinflux schlaglichter-geschwister

Meine Großmutter wartete ohnmächtig noch auf die Ankunft ihres Sohns im Krankenhaus bevor sie ging. Er sagte mir als ich 14 war auf dem Balkon, der einzige Sinn des Lebens sei es, seine Gene weiterzugeben, ich schwieg, und er empfahl mir Wir amüsieren uns zu Tode von Postman. Ich war 14.
Ich habe weiter U2 gehört. The Unforgettable Fire, Wide Awake in America und The Joshua Tree. Probleme anderer Länder.
Er fiel mir, 34, um den Hals und weinte als wir vor dem Bett im Krankenhaus standen und man keinen Atmen mehr hörte. Continue Reading

draft thoughts on music

Scott McCloud, Understanding Comics, p.51

Something that won’t leave my mind is if I can somehow transfer Scott McClouds pyramid diagram of sequential art into the realm of music and where would my music be located on it?

Picture Plane <> Language <> Reality
Concrete art <> Abstract art <> Realism
Concrete Music <> Abstract Music <> tbd

“Concrete Music” is referring to Pierre Schaeffers understanding of “Musique Concrete”. You can read about it in his book In search of a Concrete Music. Continue Reading