Favorite Topic in Photography?

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Landscape, Still-life, Architecture?

So David Cant asked me on my instagram what my favorite topic to snap would be and I’d like to take this opportunity to write a short answer.
Although there are some things that come naturally to me, for example image composition of forms and shapes, juxtaposition of color and abstract perception in general, this is not my favorite topic to take photos of. Landscape, architecture and still-life photographs for example are just what is the most easy for me to capture not what I enjoy the most. My favorite topic, and this might sound counter-intuitive, actually is what is the most difficult for me to take pictures of.

Presently I’m having a difficult time taking decent street photography photos that tell an interesting story with people in it. Or to put it differently, I feel this is and has been my ongoing challenge.

I took an image I love which incorporates composition, color, topic and motif delightfully… but (naturally) it didn’t include a person but a cat. Another image I really like is one I took at a wedding where a father is standing above his daughter and a third one is a photo of a girl in a fountain.
I feel I long for more but at the same time this will take some effort.

Awkward topic?

So… this is my favorite topic to depict and it is the most difficult task for me to accomplish. I’d need to get out of my comfort zone more and overcome my tendency to shyness and my (probably mostly self-perceived) awkwardness around people. Funnily enough, people usually say that I am a super nice person (no boasting intended), and I’m having a hard time accepting this fact(?). My weird brain wants me to believe they are only trying to be nice.

Another aspect of this is that my experience with people in the more rural areas in Germany (at least in my region) is a heavy reluctance when confronted with people taking pictures of them. I know most people usually find it flattering having their photo taken, but I have yet to learn how to provoke this positive kind of self-awareness in people, communicate to them that I love how they look and find it appealing how they behave, no matter if they match a look that is generally accepted.
Oddly enough, my first few photos when I was a teenager were portraits in a streetphotography setting, and they were pretty decent.

Bottom line and the answer to David Cant’s question: the bigger the obstacle looks to me, the more it signals that I want to overcome it, ultimately making it my favorite topic.