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So I went a bit crazy and took some pictures after I finally turned the huge table by 90° and reorganized it. I had to disassemble the whole thing. It has massive support legs and heavy steel horizontal bars to support the surface. This seems super sturdy (and was bought from an insolvency estate sale… oddly enough from a big bank).

One thing I do not understand is how they could design it so low though. Even with the adjustable feet extended all the way you can’t sit properly at this table and type. A visit at the local DIY warehouse and I went to the shop with a 3m 7x10cm scantling, cut it into many small squares and put 8 of them under the extensions of the table. Now I can sit properly and ‚work‘.

Took these images with a Nikon D5200 and a 35mm prime lens @ƒ1.8 and since I’m having so much fun with the Bokeh and the colors that I might have nerded out a bit.


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