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Under the same umbrella

I’m easily impressed and quickly bored

I think twitch.tv is on the verge between subculture and mainstream and reminds me of many success or failure stories of businesses in our society. See Apple for example. Subculture excites me and draws me in and the more mainstream something becomes the more bored I get.

I may be ignorant, but I love the hot mode of movements, corporations, systems. The mode where they try to orient themselves, where people experiment and self-organize. Where quick shot ideas prove to be amazing and accepted by the collective. Where ideas turn out to be bad and get replaced quickly or where they stay around for so long, that the system turns them into great ideas and find positive applications for it. Continue Reading

One small step


teenBOOTY and jenBOOTY emotes removed

Two banned catbutts on twitch
Two banned catbutts on twitch at 100% scale

Look at this picture if you dare and are not at work:

You see here two emotes that were removed from partnered twitch channels twitch.tv/skinnedteen and twitch.tv/jendenise respectively, on June 21st. The reason for this being that those emotes are „sexually suggestive“ in twitchs terms.


That said, if you visit this link https://twitchemotes.com/search?query=gasm you will see all of twitchs partnered channels emotes containing the word ‚Gasm‘ as in orgasm, depicting mostly humans during the actual sexual act of orgasm which sum up to about 1400 emotes, which are live as I write this.

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Clean culture

Julia, a brilliant artist for twitch emotes, brings up an interesting topic in this tweet of hers. It has so many connotations and is so inspiring. In the following I will pin down some thoughts without really fleshing them out:

So there are chats on twitch channels with lots of viewers/participants that are unmoderated. What this means is there is no control over what and how participants of the chat are posting. This, dare I say, naturally often leads to a chaotic chat where spamming of symbols, emotes and memes is happening.
On top of that there often is cursing, racial slurs, so called ‚hate‘ and insults.

The tweet above shows concern, that these chats might scare away potential new viewers from twitch, effectively undermining future spread and growing of twitch and its community.

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