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I’m easily impressed and quickly bored

I think twitch.tv is on the verge between subculture and mainstream and reminds me of many success or failure stories of businesses in our society. See Apple for example. Subculture excites me and draws me in and the more mainstream something becomes the more bored I get.

I may be ignorant, but I love the hot mode of movements, corporations, systems. The mode where they try to orient themselves, where people experiment and self-organize. Where quick shot ideas prove to be amazing and accepted by the collective. Where ideas turn out to be bad and get replaced quickly or where they stay around for so long, that the system turns them into great ideas and find positive applications for it.

Apparently I discovered twitch.tv while it is on the threshold from being a subculture dish to mainstream and with the owner changing to amazon, inc. it is clear they are serious about where they are headed.

Hopefully those owner parties that have a say in where twitch is heading will realize the monetary potential that is in the subculture and try to keep it real so to speak. Of course if capitalism takes over, subculture will resist and move to a different platform, at least if subculture as we know it is still existing and I’m pretty sure it will since it always has been around.

Cohhcarnage just argued on dropped frames, that he thinks getting everything under one umbrella is a good thing. itmejp preceded this with his statement that he dislikes doing tax declarations for paypal donations since they have to be processed separately.
Personally I think it may seem to be a convenient approach to centralize things, but is has never proven to be a good thing. Too much power in one place.
Diversity is the key to a balanced economy right? Having a bit more hassle with taxes would be the lesser of two evils in my opinion.

Am I distrusting in thinking centralization basically isn’t a good, let alone a modern way to handle things?
Do we want to trust one big corporation to handle it all?

In times like this, times that yield changes that we can’t yet understand what is happening and how things turn out, I always think of what made me fall in love with twitch:

  • real talk: casters getting out of their comfort zone and not just being all smiles (or all grumpy for that matter)
  • not tiptoeing around politics, this is related to real talk
  • positivity without being cheesy, nothing better than honest best wishes
  • subculture, experimenting, annoying sometimes (not necessarily though), anarchistic, arty

Once this gets crushed by the heavy burden of mainstream and the greed of capitalists I will get selfish and leave this place. But this won’t be hard since I guess at that point all casters I value on twitch (those I don’t know yet included) will of course leave too and all like minded will leave twitch, and what it has been in the past, behind.

On the topic of badges

Tiers of cheer chat badges on twitch
Tiers of cheer chat badges on twitch

Subscriber get a badge and channel emotes, Turbo users get a Turbo icon and bttv supporters get the support icon (visible to other bttv users).
Of course subscribers get distinguished from non subscribers… Naturally. And this is no issue for me. The issue happens when there are tiers of badges that are tied to money. It might make frequent ‚cheerers‘ that prefer to be anonymous in time uncomfortable and would artificially inflate bits spent since tiers of badges might create a rivalry between people who cheers (and I hope twitch doesn’t ogle at inflating this ‚economy‘ to increase their profit). Therefore I applaud twitchs decision to make cheer badges invisible as an option (in the future?).

For everyone that can handle the additional visual clutter on streams but can’t stand the clutter in chat there is always the browser extension Better Twitch TV which lets you hide said clutter by the click of a button.


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